Al Storey Remembers 1973-74

  When I was asked to talk about my year as president of Rotary [1973-74], I think I had a "senior moment," because I couldn’t remember very much about that year.  The non-medical term for senior moment is mental glitch. The scientific name is literal paraphasia.  I'm not sure which term applies to me -- but I do remember a few things.
    I remember that our Directory shows two presidents for the year 73-74.  Peter Forsythe was elected president July 1, 1973 and I was named president-elect.  About 6 weeks later Peter left for a new opportunity on the east coast, and I began one of the shortest presidential terms in Rotary.
    I remember that our Club had about 225 members, all males, and, that we were nearly evenly divided as "Town and Gown.”  We retained that number and that division for a number of years.
    I remember that our Membership Committee held to a Rotary International classification requirement --"no more than two members in a club with the same vocational title."
    I remember that our purpose and activities centered around support for local youth groups, excellent programs, youth scholarships and 51% attendance.
    My intent today is to give a retiree's perspective of "then and now"--1973-74 and 2012.
    Including women in Rotary is a tremendous asset—having committees meet at 11 o'clock has greatly enhanced our member participation and increased our accomplishments-- our method of electing our officers has given us consistently great leadership--also, members of this club have shown great creativity and leadership--and all of this has been done with fun, good fellowship, good humor and a high sense of "Service Above Self."
    Most of you know how I will conclude my remarks.  Please look at your friends around you, and appreciate them, as I change a few pronouns and say:
        Your love to all those that you love.
        Your love to all those that love you.
        Your love to all those,
        Who love those that you love,

        And to those that love those that love you.

[Remarks made on January 25, 2012]